Ethics, Dedication, Information Technology Expertise
Savard Software Engineering, LLC was founded and operated by Gary Savard.
Founder and Owner Gary Savard As CEO and Principal Engineer, Gary brings decades of experience from all aspects of the information technology and management fields. He is an IEEE - Certified Software Development Professional and holds many technology specific certifications. Gary's Ph.D. research areas is in information security and assurance. He has extensive knowledge of information technology best practices, and a wide variety of technologies. Some of his technical background includes Oracle and SQL Server technologies, .NET, Java, C/C++, C#, Assembler and many other programming languages. He is also a skilled systems analyst, college professor, corporate trainer and process management consultant.
Our Mission
Savard Software Engineering's mission is to provide superior software engineering services to our customers by using software engineering best practices, and by maintaining a stable and high quality workforce. Our community mission is to encourage and enable young people to pursue technology careers and to support local education.
Savard Software Engineering shall act in a manner that is in the public interest, the interst of its clients, and employees. The company shall be open and honest when bidding, negotiating and delivering work for its clients. The company will work consistently to maintain customer confidentiality. The company shall work to ensure that all Information Technology services are done with the highest degree of professionalism.
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